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Everything You Need To Know About Lava Music

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With their Lava U ukulele and Lava Me guitars, Lava Music has made a big splash. Their eye-popping designs and innovative features are certain noteworthy, but what about the company itself? Here’s what you need to know about Lava Music!

It Was Founded By A Musician

The founder of Lava Music, Louis Luk, graduated from the Musicians Institute before starting his company in 2015. At first, he merely sold instruments from other high-end makers. But he what he saw was a market filled with traditional designs and old ideas. He set out to make something completely different, and certainly succeeded.

Lava Music’s guiding principle is the idea that “the design of musical instruments not only needs to be user-friendly but [also must have] exquisite craftsmanship.” Luk decided to meld his musical knowledge with science and technology to create his instruments, which are both innovative and intuitive.

Lava started selling its own Lava Me guitar in 2017, and followed it up with the Lava Me Pro and Lava Me 2, alongside a ukulele, the Lava U.

The Instruments Are Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Most of the pictures on Lava’s website look like something out of Star Trek. They are rounded, smoother and a bit bubblier than a “normal” guitar or ukulele. Their soundholes are offset, and they come in a variety of fun non-brown colors, unlike wooden instruments.

And it’s not just looks! The most important thing to note is that Lava’s instruments are, in fact, made out of futuristic materials. The carbon fibre-polymer blend gives them a durability that far outstrips traditional wooden instruments. You can take these instruments traveling all over the place, in all kinds of weather, and they’ll be absolutely fine. While wood cracks and warps, Lava’s instruments will sound and play the same on Day 10,000 as they do on Day 1.

To put things into perspective, the carbon fibre composite that Lava Music uses can withstand heat up to 203ºF. That’s 70º hotter than the absolute hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth! It’ll certainly be fine in a hot car or across any climate you travel to.

They’re Also Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard

Again, Lava’s commitment to innovation helps them stand out from the pack. I got a chance to play one of their Lava U ukuleles, which is a lot of fun to play, and sounds great. While the acoustic sound is nice, the electronics are where it really shines. The Lava Me Pro is designed for the stage, with an advanced pickup system that sounds superb plugged in.

The acoustics of the instruments are enhanced by the carbon fibre material that Lava Music uses. Fully polymer ukuleles have been on the market for a long time, but they always sound dead and clunky compared to traditional wooden instruments. Lava’s design and carbon fibre composite brings a rich, bright tone that mimics the sound of a wooden instrument. It’s not exactly the same (some might even say it’s a little better!), but it’s a huge improvement over what is currently out there.

Speaking of acoustic tone, Lava Music also installs transacoustic pickups on their instruments. You can add effects straight into the acoustic sound, no amplifier required! It’s incredible to hear reverb, chorus, and delay emanating from the soundhole. To be honest, I didn’t believe it would work until I played it! Again, this is a futuristic feature that is sure to be a hit with musicians.

Lava Music Also Makes Crazy Cool Musical Accessories

The cases for Lava Music’s instruments are art pieces in and of themselves. They look like futuristic capsules, and completely reinvent what a case can be and look like. While the instruments are hardy enough themselves, the cases provide even more protection from bumps and breaks, making them perfect for touring and traveling musicians. That same dedication to innovation and usefulness is evident in their strap design, which is proprietary and is designed to perfectly fit both the instrument and the player.

They have even designed a better pick! The Ideal Pick comes in three styles based on the genre of music you like playing. The “Air” works well for pop and acoustic, the “Flow” for blues and country, and the “Focus” is perfect for shredding. It’s amazing to think that a company would be so detail-oriented, and it’s great to see Lava trying to innovate everything it can.

Sneak Peek At The Lava U Ukulele

I’ll have my full review coming soon, but for now I’ll say that the Lava U ukulele is a pretty neat instrument! It feels great under the hands, and is very comfortable to play. The non-traditional design certainly adds volume and richness to the sound compared to similar ukuleles. Most importantly for gigging musicians like me, it sounds as good plugged in as it does acoustically.

Whether or not you’ll like the Lava U is, ultimately, a matter of personal preference. The design is really cool, the sound is great, and the effects you can get from the transacoustic system almost sound like magic. It has a nice plugged-in sound, it’s durable as heck, and you’ll certainly get a lot of stares with the bright colors and futuristic design. Check it out, and keep an eye out for my full review coming soon!

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